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这些动词均含有“给人以帮助以减轻痛苦或悲伤”之意。 comfort :普通用词,指用语言或行动对痛苦者给予鼓励、勇气和力量,从而减轻其痛苦或悲伤,得到安慰。 The old lady often comforts those who are in trouble.(这位老妇人经常安慰处于困...

soothe [suːð] v. 使平静, 使缓和或减轻, 安慰; 起安慰作用, 起抚慰作用

soothe是减轻,缓解身体疼痛或者不适。 relax是休息,放松。 二者有本质区别。 会不会是smooth? 顺利的,平稳的? 难道科比祝愿比赛顺利?我没听到,只能是猜测哈,smooth和soothe发音有相似的地方。

潮湿. n/adj 安慰

soothe--http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?p=708217#post708217# Syntax: Soothe( [sharpclip], [sourceclip], keep ) "keep" is an integer, range 0 - 100, that tells how much percent of the original sharpening will be kept at le...

是一种润肤霜 moisturise and soothe the skin 功效:舒缓皮肤,皮肤保湿 Apply a generous amount to the desired area.Re-apply as required. 对所需...

I won t soothe your painI won t ease your strainYou ll be waiting in vainI got nothing for you to gainEyes on fireYour spine is ablazeFelling ...

She'll know me crazy soothe me dailybut yet she wouldn't careWe'll steal her Lexus, be detectives,ride round pickin' up cluesWe'll name our ...


to soothe & proect 抚慰

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