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introduce sth into...

attract overseas investment引进外国投资

introduction of advanced technology and management experience from foreign countries 从国外引进先进技术和管理经验

...是发展`..是中国的发展`..使外国人过来贸易.`.. 那该死的发展`.. 要不是那发展`..我们还是在耕田.还用学那该死的英语么`.. 见鬼去吧`~-~

中国从外国引进新技术 China imported from foreign new technology 望采纳!谢谢!

imported film

翻译结果 引进外国技术英文怎么写 The introduction of foreign technology how to write in English

The point is Introduction version is examined and approved by National Ministry of Culture ,and it's belonging to Legal copy

We have introduced new technologies into our teaching. New technologies have been introduced into our teaching.

the company introduced the advanced equipments from home and abroad.

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