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空闲 英文

LZ你好 。 free 空闲 freedom 名词形式,译为自由。

I will be free/available for an hour.

feel free to do sth. in spare time 不知道你想要什么形式的,你可以再具体点描述你的问题 然后更好的帮你解答

I have many hobbies.In my spare time,I often read novels,and sometimes I watch films in the cinema.But playing football is my favourite hobby.I like playing football with my friends in school football field after school.Because...

名词的话 free time spare time 动词的话 be free

你好! 空闲 leisure 英[ˈleʒə(r)] 美[ˈli:ʒər] n. 闲暇; 悠闲; 空闲时间; 安逸; adj. 闲暇的; 空闲的; [例句]You will be able to stroll at leisure through the gardens 您可在花园里闲逛。

在我空闲的时候 In my (spare / free) time when I'm free

空闲 free

My free time Sometimes, when I am free I ususally do a lots of things. I am fond of doing exercise. For example, I could be play basketball or football. On the other hand, I am also keen on reading. I read some magazines and li...

I study English during my free time.

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