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空闲 英文

空闲 free

LZ你好 。 free 空闲 freedom 名词形式,译为自由。

I will be free/available for an hour.

在他的空闲时间 [网络] in his free time; [例句]他在他的空闲时间里成为一名业余魔术师。 C.He became an amateur magician in his spare time.

I have many hobbies.In my spare time,I often read novels,and sometimes I watch films in the cinema.But playing football is my favourite hobby.I like playing football with my friends in school football field after school.Because...

空闲 idle; free; free time; spare time; disengagement

名词的话 free time spare time 动词的话 be free

你好! 空闲 leisure 英[ˈleʒə(r)] 美[ˈli:ʒər] n. 闲暇; 悠闲; 空闲时间; 安逸; adj. 闲暇的; 空闲的; [例句]You will be able to stroll at leisure through the gardens 您可在花园里闲逛。

at your convenience

在我空闲的时候 In my (spare / free) time when I'm free

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