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借鉴_有道词典 借鉴 use for reference;Mirror;take example by更多释义>> [网络短语] 借鉴 reference;use for reference;imitate 知识借鉴 knowledge brokering 教育借鉴 Educational Borrowing;education lessons;educational transplanting

不能 learn from others' experience 【希望帮助到你,若有疑问,可以追问~~~ 祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!(*^__^*)】

Summarize and draw 要认真总结和借鉴以往危旧房改造经验,不断提高住宅研究、改造水平。 We should conscientiously summarize and draw on past experience to transform old, and continually enhance the residential study, the transforma...

英语是:It has important enlightenment and reference significance. 句子解释: enlightenment 英[ɪnˈlaɪtnmənt] 美[ɛnˈlaɪtn:mənt] n. 启蒙运动; 启迪,启发; 教化,开导; [例句]Stella had a mome...

It is worth China learning. 这也值得我们中国借鉴。 a quotable pundit. 值得借鉴的学者 quotable experiences 值得借鉴的经验

值得借鉴 Worth learning

Value of reference参考价值 reference value

借用雪莱的话说,冬天来了,春天不会远了。 To put it in Shelley's words, if winter comes, spring can't be far behind. 借用一句名言,无钱乃万恶之源。(肖伯纳说的吧) To quote a famous saying, lack of money is the root of all evil....

**** can be used for reference to &&&

英文从中文中借鉴的词汇屡见不鲜,其中比较广泛简单举例一下几个 功夫kongfu 龙眼longan 荔枝lychee 叩头;磕头kowtow 语言的传播离不开交流,有接触才会有传播。

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