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maternity leave 产假

我已经休完产假,今天开始回来工作 I'm off maternity leave and I'm coming back to work today 重点词汇释义 已经already 产假maternity leave 今天today; now; present 开始start; begin; beginning; initial stage; commence 回来return; com...


From next month I'll take my maternity leave.

我已经休完产假,今天开始回来工作 I've already finished my maternity leave and I'm starting to work today

May I give my best wishes to you and your baby! Hope to see you and your adorable child soon.

I am going to begin maternity leave on 17th September,and be back on 18th December.During this period, if who has any troubles please call lucy and lily directly. If there is any things that I can help,please call me,thank you!...

those who left said the Cheese story helped them see things differently and cope better.

以下供参考,希望能帮到你~ Application for Maternity Leave I’m pregnant and the expected date of delivery is coming soon (E.D.D. is 13th August). I need to start the maternity leave 10 days before the date according to the doct...

paternity leave 纯手工,请及时采纳

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